Construction Process

Modernizing the construction process

If you currently own a home built in the traditional on-site fashion, it features factory-assembled elements such as pre-hung doors, windows, cabinetry and roof trusses.

The manufactured homes, mobile homes and modular homes available through Champion's Texas facilities simply borrow the same process on a larger scale. From pre-wired electrical and rough plumbing to finished carpentry work, our modules are delivered to your site with up to 80 percent of the home already complete.

Building process

Inside a Champion facility

Picture a large manufacturing plant with approximately 20 to 25 workstations on an assembly line. To ensure that the craftsmen working the line have access to what they need to get the job done effectively and efficiently, tools, jigs, tables and material-handling equipment are all within easy reach.

In addition to the assembly line, there are multiple worktables in the plant where smaller components are constructed. These worktables deliver items to the assembly line with the aid of overhead crane systems. Each station has the tools and equipment needed to complete the work within the station … again delivering the effectiveness and efficiency that’s become a manufactured housing hallmark.

Building a “champion” step-by-step

Observing the activity in the manufacturing plant, you witness a measured and methodical approach perfected over decades.

  1. A roller system moves each module down the assembly line, where components such as exterior walls, interior walls and roofs are installed.
  2. Painting comes next, followed by cabinet, door, window and fixture installation.
  3. Systems such as plumbing and electrical are completed and tested.
  4. Interior and exterior finishes are applied.

Rigorous quality audits of the modules are conducted throughout these steps. In-house inspectors and third-party federal or state inspectors conduct the audits to confirm that each home exceeds the appropriate building code. How rigorous? Each manufactured or modular home must pass 100 inspection steps conducted by Quality Control Specialists!