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What are the most important things that you look for when shopping around for your new home? You want to understand what floor plans and modifications are available. But more importantly, you want to get a complete idea of what the interior looks and feels like, and the ability to customize the home to fit your needs and your lifestyle.

That is why Champion Homes created DiVE IN - Design Interactive Viewing Experience. Using this technology, you can customize your floor plan and exterior options. To get a feel for the home, you can view interior pictures and take a video tour or a virtual tour of the interior space.

Once you have created the home of your dreams, print the summary page, which will identify the structural options you selected and the exterior treatments you liked most. Finally, for more information about the home, request a quote from Champion Homes.

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4 beds | 2 baths | 2063 sq. ft. | 32'x68'

The Liberty 3268B is a spacious ranch style manufactured or modular home. The floor plan allows you to customize the kitchen, master suite and more! Choose your favorite exterior elevation and take a virtual tour AND a video tour of the interior space.

3 beds | 2 baths | 1067 sq. ft. | 28'x40'

With the Lufkin 2840A you can choose between three different lengths: 40', 44' or 48'. This allows for more customization of the kitchen, master bath, bedroom, and living areas! Make sure to take a virtual tour of the home.

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